Dr. Christopher Washington – Executive Vice President and Provost – Franklin University

I consider Dean a thought leader in international higher education. I enjoy Dean’s deep insights about university systems in the Middle East region and Asia, and his musing about the current and future state of higher education in our world. I admire his ability to synthesize the signals of the future of international higher education, and translate them in ways that suggest the “jobs to be done” by practicing executives. His inclination toward greater access to educational opportunities, assuring academic quality, and cooperation across borders comes through in his writing and speaking. I read many of the articles that Dean re-posts on his profile. These shares are often aligned with his own thinking, and typically suggestive of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for us educational leaders. 

Michael Goldstein – Managing Director and Co-Creator, Center for Higher Education Transformation at Tyton Partners – Strategy Consulting and Investment Banking

There are few people in the international education arena with the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience comparable to that of Dean Hoke. He has created a dynamic bridge between U.S. higher education and its counterparts elsewhere in the world, most notably, but by no means exclusively, in the Middle East. His connections to institutional and national leaders are unsurpassed, and of uniformly high quality and — importantly — integrity. He has been a pioneer in the development of sophisticated, effective and efficient online learning systems, and indeed he has been an effective advocate for change, overcoming deep institutional and cultural resistance. Indeed, he is himself a resource of great value, and has access to more of the same. I can recommend him for the most complex and sensitive matters.

Dr. Bradley Cook – President of Snow College

I’ve had the great pleasure and honor to have worked with Dean on issues related to education for many years. He is a first-rate thinker, and his work with Edu Alliance is helping practitioners like me stay on top of trends and issues that impact our institutions.

Dr. Timothy Barnett – Provost and General Deputy to the President KIMEP University, Kazakhstan

In 2019, KIMEP University hired Edu Alliance, an educational consulting firm, in which Dean Hoke is the Co-Founder. They conducted a thorough analysis of KIMEP’s nonacademic divisions. They reviewed staffing, job descriptions, organizational structure, enrollment trends, salary patterns and Kazakhstan labor laws. Dean and his his partner Dr. Senthil Nathan visited Almaty for a 5-day onsite review which included meetings with staff and directors, review of financial plans and to gain a better understanding of of KIMEP’s culture. Dean and Senthil were professional and very personable in putting a nervous staff at ease. The report helped guide KIMEP’s future planning and when KIMEP needed to address the financial realities of the Pandemic, the work done with Edu Alliance provided the guidelines needed to make the necessary decisions. We have since kept in contact and I have always found Dean friendly and knowledgeable about the international community. I would strongly recommend Dean and Edu Alliance to any education organization who seeks consulting support.

Dr. Steve Jones – Retired President, Antioch University, New England, Urbana University, Ohio, and Chancellor University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Dean knows international higher education inside and out… from service abroad to here in the US. I have worked with Dean from my executive positions at three different American universities. I would turn to him again without hesitation.

Kenneth Salomon – Chair, Lobbying and Policy Group, Thompson Coburn LLP

I have known Dean for 30 years, beginning with representing his Alaska Public TV station before the FCC and subsequently staying in touch with him at the Connected Learning Network, and most recently as the co-founder and leader of the Edu Alliance Group. Over that time, our professional relationship also began a friendship. I am most impressed by Dean’s clear mission-driven vision, strong dedication and outstanding execution all done with intelligence, grace and humor.

Douglas Van Houweling – Retired President Internet2 and Professor Emeritus School of Information University of Michigan

Dean Hoke has great skill in analyzing organizations and developing strategies and tactics that enable them to advance. He is patient but persistent and diplomatic yet to the point. Dean listens attentively and speaks to the issue, often redirecting the dialog to important underlying causes. He has real world cross-cultural experience in implementing organizational change.